About us

Młyny Szczepanki is 20 years of family milling tradition. In our work we combine experience and tradition with new technologies. We process wheat and rye in two modern mills of total capacity of 550 tons daily. Currently we are expanding the mill to a total capacity of 800 tons daily.
Our diverse offer includes a wide range of wheat and rye flours. Thanks to advanced laboratory and its experienced staff we are able to provide even most refined flour recipes. Our well-developed quality control system starts at the point of cereals cultivation and covers each and every stage of production. Strict control results in constantly high quality of flour- the flour which is highly appreciated both by bakers and consumers.
We promote healthy lifestyle and awareness in nutrition. Therefore we offer full grain flours, which are very much recommended for a complete diet nutrition.
We offer a wide range of wheat flours (type 450, 500, 550, 650, 750, 850, 1750), rye flours (type 500, 720, 1400, 2000) and semolina. We also produce thermally prepared flours with reduced humidity level.
In response to our clients’ needs, we offer standardised flours, enriched with enzymatic additives, especially selected by our highly skilled staff (wafer flours, pizza flours, cookies flours).